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How to Choose a Short Stay Apartment: short stay apartments in Perth

As one of Australia’s finest destinations, Perth has attracted more tourist and locals every year. Because of the number of people that visits the city, there are numerous places to stay when visiting Perth. Among the choices and traveler’s favorite are the short stay apartments in Perth. There are over a hundred short stay apartments in Perth that are competing in attracting tourists. Some offer discounts and packages that travelers love. But what are the criteria in choosing a short stay apartment in Perth.

Concept short stay apartments originated in the home away from home theme. Short stay apartments in Perth are houses with bedrooms, kitchen, laundry area and have the amenities of a hotel. There are short stay apartments that have these add on feature where you get to add an appliance or furniture at a given price. There are so many things to consider in choosing short stay apartments. 

First you have to make sure that there are enough beds or rooms to a number of the person you're with. Because these apartments are affordable, there is a misconception that you don't get clean rooms or high quality appliances and furnitures. 

Make sure that the apartments you staying over the weekend or longer (doesn’t mean it's short stay you can't rent it for a longer period of time) is clean and furniture and appliances are in good working condition. The advantage of short stay apartments in Perth is that these apartments are spacious compared to hotels. Another thing to consider in choosing apartments is the laundry area. Normally washing machine and dryer came with the apartment rent, but there are case apartments that require a “pay per use” rule, so look for apartments inclusive of laundry area, kitchen appliances and entertainment set such as tv and dvd. 

The at home feel of some short stay apartments in Perth is very visible. Kitchen is equipped with basic appliances like stove and microwave oven. If you feel like cooking a meal for yourself and people you're with. Though there is an existing service attendant at the front desk and kitchen area of the building willing to cook food or do errands for you if you don’t feel like cooking and just want to lie down. Also consider the sustainability and customer service, make sure to choose short stay apartments with front desk attendants and the service crew to help you in case of emergency or in need of help.

Lastly, look for short stay apartments with secured area and apartments. Being in a foreign land alone or even with a company you have to make sure of your security at all times. 

These are not difficult criteria because most short stay apartments in Perth follow a legislative rule that is pro - tourist or pro-guests, so no need to worry.

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